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joli reportage, la petite fille est adorable.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

The sharp pointed roof must make it stand out and visible from afar. I like the 3rd photo, such a pretty young girl.


love the bare feet in the second shot


Vibrant colors. The portraits are very appealing. The youngster is especially nice. Well done.

Ashish Sidapara

beautiful portraits!


Wow that roof looks like it is made of gold in the photo.
Love the blue of those dresses as well.


very nice shots, it seems everyone's wearing blue!


Perfect lighting in the top image, I love how all the colors interact. The third image down is simply stunning.


Wow, these churches sound like cults. Religion is a strange idea sometimes. I find that the more oppressed and destitute the people are, the more they tend to lean on supernatural beliefs and find meaning for their existence from unusual ideologies.


I like how the top of the church is bathed in sunlight, as if it's pointing at the heavens.

(Sorry I've been away... busy times)


Ce bleu des robes réveille les visages déjà très souriants.

Otto K.

Wonderful set, Sidney. I really like that second one.


In very beautiful Holy Mary-blue.


The first one has very interesting architecture. I like the portraits too, especially the one of the woman walking near the gate with her head down.

haggis basher

Nice images, the building in the first shot has a hint of Cambodian style.

Craig Wilson

Excellent series of images, these portraits are very well done Sidney.

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